Rhythm2Dance, more commonly know as R2D, is Canada’s premier hip hop based choreography service company founded upon a goal to unify dance communities across Canada. With a faculty of 13 professional choreographers who, as leaders, have been instrumental in building communities across Canada, R2D represents a collective of passionate visions dedicated to cultivating a healthy climate for artists. We provide our expertise for workshops, summer/winter camps, intensives, music videos, films, and also in competitive choreography. Our services have been acquired by 26 studios across Ontario and counting; and it is truly an honour to be associated with studios from Toronto, Niagara, Beamsville, St. Catharines, Ottawa, Burlington, Oakville, and Vancouver. With our workshops and camps being open to/reaching many different demographics including, but not limited to, studio trainees, university students, and amateur/professional dancers we are able to catalyze the growing relationships between industry and community.

Rhythm2Dance was founded in 2011 by current director Reet Roy with the sole purpose of providing a platform for aspiring choreographers and teachers. This platform was designed to create opportunities in dance, more specifically: a career in dance. While attending Brock University Reet partnered up with Musa Waweru to begin building what they both believed had unlimited potential not just as a simple platform, but with their business expertise, as a viable company. Fast forward one year into the company’s operation: Rhythm2Dance was nominated as Enterprise’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 and from there had then been taken over by just Reet where he organized and hosted the first ever Summer Workshops in Niagara which went on to become a huge success and reinforced the potential Rhythm2Dance had while also outlining the role Rhythm2Dance would play in the dance industry/community. They built notoriety in other cities across Ontario and gained traction, which would launch them into a multi-national company.

Arrive to the present date Rhythm2Dance was rebranded and refurbished. With three leaders at the helm: Reet Roy alongside faculty turned creative directors J.J. D’mello and Carnel John Destacamento, the company has become an ever-growing business and recognizable group. The faculty now consists of 13 members comprised of community leaders who have goals to represent their community with the utmost care, drive, and passion. Rhythm2Dance has hosted more than 200 workshops in the past year and a half with over 50 studios. This included their first Ontario Tour (January 2015), which consisted touring and teaching in major cities across Ontario and also hosting their first ever Hip Hop Summer Camp Intensive (June 2015), the first and only one in Canada, which saw hundreds of dancers from different communities come together and learn from some of the best teachers in L.A , San Diego and Toronto. Most recently, this summer was host to the first annual R2D Showcase (August 2015). A sold out show which brought together teams, companies, studios, and choreographers from different parts of Ontario under one roof to celebrate dance.
Rhythm2Dance is forever growing and from here they plan on expanding with new faculty, new cities, and new events. There is a never a time where the members of this company will settle for a plateau, they will constantly strive to grow both in business and art, but more importantly will always be yearning to get connected with communities that would want to grow with them in making Canada a driving force in dance.